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Antique open air trade fair ( 4 July 2020)

TSUNFTIJÄNES also owns a manor house called Seidla mõis in Järva County (in the heart of Estonia) where every summer the first Saturday in July we organize a professional opened-air TRADE FAIR called KILA-KOLA

with participation of recognized Estonian dealers.




Saturday,  4 JULY, 2020.

Traditional open-air fair "KILA-KOLA"   in Seidla takes place on Saturday 4 July, starting from 7  AM (open until 15:00 PM)

Location:  Seidla mõis
Albu, 73401 Järvamaa, Estonia >



 Antiquities and objects to collectors. Estonian peasant furniture and old farm equipment.


Ticket: 3.- EUR
Ticket for sellers: 30.- EUR
Free parking!
 You are welcome!

Mati Raal


Phone + 372 50 51 490